About Us

Our medical massage facility opened its doors in 2005 and has been treating the local community ever since.

We offer a range of therapies, from medical and sports massage, to treat a wide number of injuries and conditions.

Our clinic also has a qualified and certified nutritionist working with us.

She is on hand to offer her advice and knowledge about the best diet and eating plan, to deal with your medical conditions.

We like to take a holistic overview at our practice and it is important to start with nutrition.

We don’t believe that any one therapy or cure exists in complete isolation to everything else that you do, which is why our facility is also happy to offer additional therapies such as yoga and chiropractic care.

These work with our commitment to medical massage, as supporting therapies.

However, before you decide to take up any treatment, alternative, complementary or otherwise, we advise that you speak to your own physician and ask for their opinion.

There are sometimes when a specific treatment may not be deemed suitable for a certain patient. This is why we like to keep the patient’s own medical practitioner informed of any treatments that they are undertaking.

Nine times out of ten, however, all our medical massage and other complementary therapies are perfectly suitable for most people to undertake.

Medical massage is only just beginning to be recognized by the mainstream medical profession as being something that can deliver tangible benefits to patients, without needing to recourse to drugs.

Medication free or reduced treatments, have many advantages. Not least that the patient is free of any side effects of drugs. It can also save them money as well.

If you have an injury or condition which you would like to seek a drug free answer to, contact us, by using the form at the bottom of the page.

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