Eight Reasons To Have Medical Massage

Did you know that massage was more than a spa treatment or just something to make you feel good?

Whereas these are nice things that make you feel better in yourself and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, there is more to massage than just the indulgence of it.

A medical massage can have several benefits, here are some of them.


Medical massage differs from therapeutic massage as it treats the source of the pain in shorter, more concentrated bursts.

A medical massage therapist will aim to ease the tension in the afflicted muscle and bring a dispersion to the soft tissue around it.

This eventually, after a few short sessions, will help prompt your body to heal itself.


As stress is held within your muscles, a medical massage can help dissipate this and bring an all over relief to your body.

Try the benefits of a medical massage for yourself and see the difference it can make to the tension carried in your shoulders or other aching limbs.


Inflammation may occur for many reasons. One of the main ones that medical massage therapists see is actually down to exercise.

An over working of the muscles can result in inflammation. Massage, by bringing the blood flow into the affected part, can lower the inflammation of the affected area.


When the massage therapist begins to manipulate your skin, it sends blood rushing through it. This also brings oxygen into your body and benefits your circulation.

Lymph circulation is also improved by the use of a medical massage.


Although in the immediate aftermath of your medical massage, you may feel sleepy and relaxed, it is later on that you may get a renewed sense of energy and wellbeing.

This is probably aided by the fact that the alleviation of pain itself brings a great feeling of wellness and enhanced energy.


There has been some evidence to suggest that massage can aid digestion and digestive problems. This is probably because of the relaxing effect it has on the muscles.


When something hurts, you carry your body differently. This can lead to unintentional slouching and other positions, which make good posture impossible.

A massage can alleviate the pain and therefore improve your posture.


All too often headaches arise as a result of neck and shoulder tension and pain.

A medical massage can get to the root cause of your headaches by sorting out the issue in your neck and shoulders.