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Acupuncture may help with a range of conditions, which can prove hard to treat by other means.

These include headaches, osteoarthritis, period pain, insomnia, PMS, neck problems and other generalized lower back pain problems.

Far from being painful, most patients report a deep feeling of wellbeing coming over them, once the very fine needles are inserted.

Acupuncture has been used for over three thousand years to treat various painful conditions.


Chiropractic care is often sought by individuals after some sort of trauma or accident has impacted their spine.

A chiropractor will make careful adjustments to the spinal column, to help it re align and heel.

Sometimes people choose chiropractic treatment for repetitive strain and other back or shoulder related conditions.

Anything that causes your spine to misalign can cause you pain and this can be alleviated by the services of our skilled chiropractor.


People with chronic back problems find the relaxing and unlocking properties of yoga help with their conditions.

By keeping the body and muscles supple, yoga can help with the natural healing process.

Our yoga instructor can help you benefit, by the demonstration of a few simple techniques.

She will also give you some positions and techniques to practice by yourself, every day, to help improve your body’s posture and suppleness.


Our trained nutritionist can offer her services to anyone seeking information and help with changing their diet and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, North American diets largely contribute to sickness and poor health.

Learn how to identify the right foods for you, and get help with your own personalized diet.

Diet and nutrition can have an immediate and knock on effect to your overall health and other conditions.

A consultation with our nutritionist can help you manage your health conditions better and bring you overall improved health.

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Our medical massage therapist is on hand to offer specific help for this debilitating and painful condition.

Sciatica can be treated by a variety of methods.

One of our talented practitioners will decide which treatment suits your specific symptoms the best.

Sometimes, they will combine a chiropractic therapy with some elements of Pilates, working on your muscles and core strength.

Additionally, medical massage and heat packs can provide some relief for your chronic sciatica.

Exercises may also be prescribed, to be followed on a daily basis, as our team recognize that a varied approach works best to treat this unpleasant condition.

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